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Our Workshops

Toktam’s Workshop

Located just a few steps away from Toktam’s office and boutique in Dubai’s Gold and Diamond Park is her workshop. Inside this intimate space work ten specially trained goldsmiths from India. Each artisan comes with years of dedicated experience, knowledge, expertise and passion that they endow to the creation of Toktam’s magnificent and thought-provoking jewelry pieces. These men have dedicated their time to crafting Toktam’s intricate works of art and have been instrumental in achieving her vision with quality and meaning. Toktam holds these workers dear to her heart. They have been like her extended family. She often spends time in the workshop, where she exchanges ideas with the team. Toktam firmly believes that the skill, talent and dedication of these Indian artisans have led her to the realization of her artistic vision.  


Toktam Concept Jewelry

With blends of her Persian heritage with Arabic influences and the forms found in contemporary art and architecture. Passion for art is a hard feeling to suppress. Even while completing a degree in computer science, Toktam, felt the pull of more artistic pursuits. After moving to Dubai in 1999, she began exploring her creative side and studying fashion design as an outlet for her ideas. But things shifted nearly a decade later when she flew across the world to Montreal, Canada, to pursue a degree in Gemmology from the École de Gemmologie de Montréal (EGM). From here, she obtained an international Gemmology Diploma from Gem-A, the Gemmological Association of Great Britain.