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Majestic Qajer

This ornate, highly embellished collection is laden with intricate patterns and movement and upholds the notions of splendor, royalty, and majesty through its magnificent design. Its intricate detailing pays special reference to the magnificence of Persia’s past, particularly to the meticulous and vibrant artistry of the 18th-century Qajar period.


Which means “shapes” in Arabic, is a collection filled with movement evocative of the traditional Emirati dwellings' earthy textures and the geometric forms of Dubai's modern high-rises. It is inspired by the refined design of Ain Dubai, the structural expressionism of Burj Al Arab as well as Dubai’s Frame that straddles between the old and new Dubai which Toktam translates into a classic design but with a modern twist.This collection in 18-Karat gold features designs that emulate articulate geometrical motif with diamonds The diamonds represent the outstanding Dubai lights at night that garners attention and adds an element of wonderstruck when observing the skylines.

Ophidian Collection

With its enrapturing design and ornate details, this collection evokes the myriad qualities ofnthe serpent that has dazzled the human imagination acrossntime. Toktam renders the elegance and enigmatic qualities of the mysterious reptile in 18-carat yellow gold, decorating them in a multitude of variously coloured gemstones, while the snake’s body and slithering movement is rendered through a meticulously sculpted design of interlocking curves and coils

Veil Collection

Evoking mystery, intrigue and beauty, the wedding veil has long been one of the oldest accessory pieces of the bridal ensemble, dating as far back as the Greek and Roman period. Through intricately devised jewelry designs, Toktam pays tribute to the veil’s past and present, incorporating the shape of the veil into white and yellow gold jewelry laden with rubies and diamonds.