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Ophidian Taipan

This line evokes the story of a serpent guarding her eggs, with the snake’s coiled 18-karat golden body decorated in intricately textured scales elegantly wrapped around either one colored gemstone or several diamond eggs as she protects them against any potential intruder. Toktam captures the snake’s emotion and intrigue in these pieces, with the snake’s head itself the crown jewel laden with delicately carved lines and diamond eyes. Unforgettable is the snake’s stare as it watches out of one magnetic eye portrayed with a multi-colored sapphire against any foreign invader. 

An 18-karat gold ring of a scaled coiled snake guarding her large orange tourmaline egg with intense blue sapphire eyes.

This item can be personalized. 

  • 18k yellow gold
  • Cushion cut orange tourmaline and blue sapphire, carat total weight 4.69